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Upcoming RuneScape Playtests

Hey team!

As you probably know, this is an incredibly exciting time for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. As such, we have been trying to increase our visibility with you guys, and will be trying out a new set of play test days - here at the heart of all things RuneScape, Jagex HQ!

These play tests will be providing vital information and feedback, allowing us to improve upcoming content.

We will be hosting up to six different play tests on set Thursdays in the upcoming months, and we can't wait to get you involved!

We want to open the opportunity to yourselves to apply, and you will be selected based off the answers to the questions given.

What do I need to know, Mod Meadows?

1) To apply to come to these play tests you must be 18 years or over -
we will require you to bring ID to prove this.

2) You must be available on one of the dates set, you can select multiple dates -
but we would require you to attend.

3) Applications will be open until the
25th July
and they will be reviewed that week. You may only apply once.

Those who are selected will be
contacted via telephone, from a member of the Jagex Team;
before a formal invitation is sent we will ask further questions on the call.
Don't worry, this isn't an interview! We just need to make sure you fit.

If you match our criteria of what we are looking for, an offer will be confirmed on the phone and then more details will be sent over email.

4) Any player who is selected to come along would need to make their own way to and from the Studio,
at their own expense.

5) You would start at the office at 10am and finish at about 4pm. It would include a Studio tour and lunch at the office.

6) Any player who takes part in a playtest will do so under a
Non Disclosure Agreement.

You can apply here, using our helpful Survey Monkey; all of your personal information will be deleted after six months.

These are not the only invite days we will be planning, so don’t worry if you don’t meet the current set of requirements. More chances will come!

Good luck!


Mod Meadows.
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Dancing Lark said:
Dare I hope you're opening an office Downunder? I'd love to, but New Zealand is a bit far

If they would they would lag to hard :')
EXP is not important, it's important to have fun and play with your friends.:) -Lopendebank3

11-Jul-2018 21:06:48

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