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Project summary - a list of all the documents released so far


Basic mechanics - the core mechanics of the mining skill in the rework.

XP and ore rates - a balancing spreadsheet showing the rates after the rework.


Basic mechanics - the core mechanics of the smithing skill in the rework.

Masterwork smithing - smithing complex and expensive tier 90 gear.

Energised armour - tier 92 armour made by combining masterwork armour with rare PVM drops.

Mastery system - become a more efficient smith post-99 by creating masterwork items.

This design is very much subject to change, please give me your feedback.

I will update this post every time I add a new document.

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Time investment seems fine, but please do not require Torva to craft these. It would be a shame if such a nice skilling process was gated behind a boss drop. Barrows is fine though as the brothers are not too tough to beat and their armour is consequently not overly expensive.

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I like that it takes a long time to make masterwork items, but I don't see the need to throw PVM items into the mix. From what I understand, the new BIS items will require combining these masterwork items with PVM drops. It would make more sense for masterwork items to be wholly skilling based (especially if they're only T86).

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Looks amazing ! But time required seems a bit absurd, at end it says 5007 minutes for a sword (time included for obtaining materials). Isnt that too much ?

And its a T90 sword ! In 5007 minutes, one can get drygore set or noxious scythe very easily just killing the respective boss even if the person gets extremely extremely unlucky !

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I'm pleased to see the level of thought and detail put into the design, so thank you.

Would it be possible for Masterwork Aetherium armour to have some sort of passive effect? As it is, pure tank gear is still going to be very inferior to existing T90 power gear, even for tanking, without something. It doesn't have to be as good as Achto (it should be, since Achto is idiotically hard to obtain, but I'm fairly sure that will be shot down). Since you've made sure Masterwork Aetherium will be valuable because of both the base materials (Torva, Barrows, Dragon) and slow to make, it would be a shame if the gear didn't have some use for tanking.

I'm not sure you really need to start incorporating onyxes into these things; it seems to me that hydrix items have provided a more than adequate item sink for them. IMO there are much better items you can choose to sink and that could me thematically apt (such as many dragonstones), or it could be just cut. the inclusion of Torva specifically would make this armour more than expensive enough.

I actually don't mind the inclusion of Torva armour into the design, and I am pleased to see that it isn't being included at an extortionate level. Obviously the design is still subject to playtesting, but it looks good to me so far.

You should probably explain what "fine" quality items will be, and I suspect this design will make the most sense when shown alongside the T92/Energised items document, so I look forward to this.

Oh, and why is everything at 99 Smithing? It looks like we will end up with every T90+ item at 99 Smithing - isn't this a slighty reduced version of the problem we're meant to be fixing?

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