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You were about to give us the best update of your history,
but decided NOT to, based on feedback from a SMALL handful of non-existant,
absolute nolifers, knowing damn well there weren't room for simple positive feedback.
Everyone was waiting for this update (including every future player ever) agreed to your update, but you didn't know because YOU'RE NOT IN THE ACTUAL GAME, YOU SIMPLE CASHIERS.... NNNNGO COMPLETE THE JOB.
...they would not interfere with your plans, ONLY sit and listen like a good human being,
while you finish you damn job, that we all pay you to do.
(I understand that it is the "dumb people who pay" but you should NEVER trust people who can't trim their beards, won't really do anything AT ALL with their lives, literally sit in the same chair 24/7, preferrably in thier moms house, and look and like yourself the Jag crew except they weigh 40 kilos because of your addicting bullshit psychology wich looks like it IS ALL YOU HAVE.)

-You want to change your game to the better?
~ Go find a guy who knows how.
Then do it.
(Peronally you have never given me a good update except the addition of the Polypore staff.
Wich I obviously used to OWN idiots with in pvp.(No I'm not a lurer like modern "pkers";))

JUST WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-Sep-2019 12:44:17

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