Tier 3 dino meat heal more?

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Itnachos11 said:
t3 meat isnt meant for eating, it's meant for uhm...something yet to come

Have they actually said that? I'd be interested to know that they have something in mind for it. Right now, it seems mostly worthless. It's a lot of work to get it, but then there's nothing to do with it. I might as well keep getting Tier 2 meat, which sells on the GE for high prices because people need it to do the Tier 3 dinosaurs to complete the tasks.

25-Aug-2019 21:26:48

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ya i think they said something on stream. The current assumption is that t3 meat will be like the keys for magister/legiones, but they're just guesses atm. Like keys for a new boss, or maybe a t4 super dino, who knows "Itnachos11" FC is a friends chat for PCing nothing because you're not allowed in.

26-Aug-2019 03:14:36

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