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1. The only thing that wearing a certain god item inside the dungeon does, is stops the spefici god minions from being agressive.
2. The drop rate on the Warpriest pieces is RNG based, can get within a few hundred kills ranging from 400 to about 3k for a full set. Increased chance if you participated in the god event. Zamorak vs Saradomin / Bandos vs Armadyl
3. I would personally suggest not using warpriest as armour, unless you're starting out as an ironman. And if you still want warpriest despite that, then I'd highly suggest playing the Anima Island distraction and diversion, for warpriest of tuska instead, you get xp from it and getting the full set of armor will not take you more than 4-5 hours, where as if you get dicked by RNG at GWD it can take you a lot longer. And it also has the best set effect. ;)

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