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What does 'FC' mean?

I'm greatly surprised at those who think help sections are a waste of time and energy.

Here's some common sense for you in RL:

A friend told me this and happened to a friend's friend of his. For the sake of simplicity, I'll call the victim Konrak.

Konrak was looking for a good, used laptop for whatever purpose. He put the word out by mouth to his friends. Someone said that he knew of a guy who might want to sell his laptop, for whatever reason.

Kontak and the seller got in contact with each other to find out the if they could make a deal. The laptop was less than a year old. The seller was selling it because it wasn't powerful enough for his intended usage. He needed the money from the old laptop to buy the new one he had his eye on.

Kontak put the deal on hold so he could research the price and brand. The seller had no problem with that. Kontak found out that the laptop was being sold at half price of a new one. He thought that was a good deal and decided to buy it.

They agreed upon a public meeting place. Kontak bought the laptop, complete with cables, cords, etc. Unfortunately, the place didn't have a place to plug it in. He tried to turn it on, but it didn't light up. The seller told him that he hadn't used it in a long time and the battery was dead. (By this time, red flags should have been flying up....common sense?)

He took the laptop home and tried to charge it up. What he discovered was the laptop was an empty display model. The seller had put a few weights inside the cover.

Kontak was not a stupid person, he put caution to the wind and common sense flew away. He was endlessly reminded of this unmercifully. It happens.

Keep these helpful hints coming, regardless of what others think.
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