Custom Fit Trimmed Master Work

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I've already witnessed this during my abby demon task when I noticed the degradation in the first 5 minutes. So noped out of there until they hopefully fix this "bug"?
Took a long amount of time and money to make it.
If they can't fix this problem, maybe change the degradation to use the invention charge pack rather than the item itself (if you augment it).
Then again I'm not surprised at the complexity this armor gives...First its masterwork so the damage is dealt over time. Then you augment it. Then you custom fit it (ie no degradation on tasks or elite dungeons). It's not surprising that there are bugs with it, or unintentional problems.
So time being it stays in bank until something is changed :s

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So basically unless you have 70-100m to burn every now and again tmw is not worth using?
Might as well use the normal variant or stick with the malevolent set depending on what looks you prefer i guess?

Its going to seem like a while until jagex can address this and who knows they may never will “fix it”

They need to do somethig about the helmet it looks so damn plain you might as well where steel full helm

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Honestly it should just cost coins to repair instead of a piece of normal masterwork to repair. Normal masterwork is too expensive.

Given that it's free to use at the content most important... Nope

Should honestly stick to Torva if you don't like it. It's good that lower tier stuff is kept relevant at lower tier content where it would be wasteful and dirt-easy to use endgame gear

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my (partially augmented) custom fitted trimmed masterwork is so buggy that the % on the items is different i can't wear the armor anymore and i spent over 200m to make it i wear the full set or just the augmented items and the helm. the helmet is at 59.8% gloves are at 79.8% boots are at 79.8% legs are at 89.7% and the chest is at 99.7% I'm not sure how they can all be at different percentages and I've only used them in elite dungeons and slayer this is ridiculous i spent a ton of time and money to get this armor so i can use it and now its just gonna sit in my bank this needs to be fixed

27-Aug-2019 22:00:15

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