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@ ebolahuakbar

It appears that your thread has moved from being a philosophical discussion about two types of roleplay into the re-hashing of personal conflicts between factions of the RP community.

As Tren mentioned on a previous RP thread of yours:

Yes, there is a lot of passion in the RP community as well as disagreements and conflicts over styles of RP and certain personalities. However, the forums and the game have rules. The forums may not be used to make personal attacks, or insult and accuse other players.

Also, as Mod Lee mentioned when he locked the =!= Public/Priv RP directory=!= thread:

There's already been a post by Mod Poerkie discussing everyone coming together to unite and make this community strong rather than separate...Let's try to work together and make this smaller, yet excellent, roleplaying community, a family that can unite and work together.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I've locked the thread. Please do not recreate it. Instead, please try to work together to make a stronger community.
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29-Jul-2019 20:18:46

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