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Mod Michelle said:
This week, we've two more featured streamers for your viewing pleasure on our <a href="http://twitch***/RuneScape" target="_blank">Twitch channel</a>*

***;strong>Iamkeeferz</strong> started playing RuneScape 12 years ago and loves his Old School RuneScape, describing it as "casual gaming at its finest". His approach to RuneScape really comes through in his streams and it's a style that's acquired him more than 5000 new followers in the last couple of months alone. Iamkeeferz has a host of activities lined up and yes, a host of ways to bag yourself 30 days of membership. He's been champing at the bit for weeks so by 9pm BST tonight, he's likely to be bouncing off the walls!

<strong>Tip.It</strong> are a fansite who need no introduction… but here's one anyway. One of RuneScape's top fansites of all time, Tip.It have been serving the community from before many of us first set foot on Tutorial Island. Tormented demons are going to be taking an absolute pasting in Saturday's RuneScape stream and the only respite they're likely to enjoy is when the team hands out RuneCoins, membership packs and XP lamps to you lucky viewers. Check out <a" target="_blank">Tip.It</a> for more details and watch them in action on Saturday at 9pm BST on <a href="http://twitch***/RuneScape" target="_blank">Twitch***/RuneScape</a>.

The RuneScape twitch channel is growing! If you want to be involved or just find out more about it, drop me a mail to <a href="mailto:livestream@jagex.***">livestream@jagex.******;/a>*

***;strong>Mod Paul M</strong>

So suck up to your favorite jmod and get double xp today!
Note if a mod hides my post it just proves that I'am right.

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