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Hi everyone,
As we near the end of another big year for Jagex, I feel very proud and truly amazed at what we’ve achieved together since RuneScape was conceived a decade ago. Together we’ve been part of the growth of one of the biggest free games in the world, not to mention the best, most vibrant online community in history. The Jagex family has grown to well over 400, we’ve picked up a number of Guinness World Records along the way (and counting), and for the second year running we’ve won the Golden Joystick Awards as best UK developer. This is all thanks to you, the players.
As you know, we try to keep our updates close to our chest, so that you will be pleasantly surprised; however, I can promise you that 2011 will be one of our most exciting update years ever.
When considering big game-changing decisions, it’s always with our players’ ultimate game experience firmly in mind; your feedback helps shape our decisions and, ultimately, the fun entertainment we produce. Creating content that you enjoy and appreciate is what drives our passionate teams. We regularly listen to you on the fan sites, our forums, in game and, for the first time ever, face to face at our live player celebration: RuneFest 2010. Your voice counts hugely, because we know you are as passionate about playing RuneScape as we are about making it.
It’s never lost on me what an incredible privilege it is to be able to serve such a wonderful community as well as the incredible team at Jagex. I’ve had an astonishing time over the past two years that I’ve been CEO of Jagex and, during that time, have had to make some rather difficult decisions. Today, however, I’d like to ask every one of our players, past and present, for your help in making one of the biggest decisions regarding the future of RuneScape...
I regularly hear from both the community and the Jagex team that we should reintroduce free trade and the excitement of the old Wilderness, warts and all. As you know, we removed free trade and the Wilderness in 2007 to combat botting, gold farming and item scamming. Since then, we have produced new content that provides comparable gameplay and mechanics to allow increased trade limits with long-term friends; however, we are still regularly being told that something is missing from the 'good old days' of RuneScape.
We’ve been shutting down bot-makers all around the world and prosecuting people for stealing accounts, and we’ve evolved our systems to quickly detect cheating; however, we will have to accept that we will never completely eradicate cheating so long as there is an incentive and method to do so. Bringing back free trade and the original Wilderness will certainly make this a bigger issue than it is today, though I can pledge that we will never stop trying to combat it.
So, the big question is, are the passionate voices we hear on this topic truly representative of the majority of the player community or just a rather vocal minority? Do you want to see a return of free trade and the original Wilderness? If the vast majority of our players vote in favour of it, then we will do exactly that.
Please tell us what you think by visiting this page and registering your vote. As ever, we’ll read your feedback and listen to your thoughts and opinions, so please do feel free to discuss and debate this on the forums.
In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for a fantastic 2010. I look forward to celebrating ten years of RuneScape with you in January.
Have fun!

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personily I don't want free trade back I got scammed more then once as a young player maybe just raise the trade limit a little or something.
As for the wilderness I'd like to see it made as big as it used to be and bring back my old favorite places (like the bone yard) and maybe PVP worlds that only work in the wilderness (with the old mecanics but with random item drops not the items that person has or something I don't know)

I'm just saying in 2007 the bots where really bad and I think you guys did the right thing.

21-Dec-2010 19:15:55

Ms Toxicity
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Ms Toxicity

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I have mixed feelings about this. While I would love to see free trade reinstated, I prefer the current Wilderness, as it prevents unsuspecting players from being scammed.
I will reserve my decision until more detailed information is posted.
My concern is that the link to the petition page from the news post is somewhat unclear. Players may click that page, enter their account names without appreciating that they are signing the petition in support of the proposal.
Could the page be tweaked, so that players can post a "Yes" or "No" vote?

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The community and players are without a doubt the heart and sole of this game. Since these various changes have taken place, many of the leaders of this community have left. Whether or not this was inevitable is debatable. The fact is though that there arn't really any new people stepping up to take their place.
Jagex this year tried to improve the community themselves yet you guys also have to run every other element of the game aswell. It really was a case of players being unwilling to participate in these events. This dosen't account for everyone of course but I feel its for the majority. This decision to even bring this to a vote is brilliant and to me, is the first real sign that you guys are getting more community involved and actually asking the players what they want.
If by bringing back the wildy and trade limits sorts this problem out, well thats all well and good. However, I would be cautious that this won't simply result in the previous problems reemerging in force, especially with the bots that exist today and the community continuing to dwindle.
I would say to only bring it all back if you are ready for it. If you are relying on this update to boost the players and game alone, then no, it would be too great a risk.
Having said all this, my vote will be in favour, it may be a big jump but if that's what it takes then lets do it. The game will be different from both the older version and todays version, whether this is good, we'll have to wait and see! ^_^
Btw, W00t! Firs* page! :P

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Louise Is Kl

Louise Is Kl

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I was absolutely shocked when I heard about this.
The clan chat I was in welcomed the announcement in warm arms as they spammed with joy.
Although I am for the idea, I'm hoping there are some worlds without the Wildy effect, as otherwise it will be almost impossible for me to continue doing Clue Scrolls. :(
Having said that, can't wait to watch the votes counter rising!^_^
Still gobsmacked.
- Louise.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.• Løüï§ë I§ KÏ.«3

21-Dec-2010 19:16:29



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So there is only one voting option. Vote to get it back, or boycott.

I'm assuming it's coming back anyway. And this is just a way to get those lost costumers back.
I would like to see the removal of revenants and a way to get rid of price manipulation clans.

About getting scammed: The GE should stay, along with the GE price in the trade window.

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whats the point on bringing back something that you fighted hard to remove?
Also , revert this pathetic poll , this poll is Flawed.
Also if you going to put wildy and free trading back, what will happen to RWT and BOTTERS?? THEY WILL BE BACK IN MASS AND YOU STUPID IDIOTS KNOW IT
unless you bought them all ofc

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