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ironpariah said:
Can you hide answers please?
This way you don't get duplicates?

Yesterday's item comp was kind of disappointing to see the same guesses.

This competition will likely be a random number generator, as there will be players getting the same/right answer even if we did hide the replies.

Yesterday nobody technically won - no one guessed the correct item :P Just because they're saying the same doesn't mean they got it!
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17-Jul-2015 12:52:43

Davey J
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Row 1: Anchovy pizza, Fishing bait, Toy Horsey, Varrock Teleport

Row 2:UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Wool, Mind rune

Row 3: Green Charm, Ice Cream, bottle of wine, Yin yang Amulet

Row 4: Gold Ring, Jug of Water, Enchanted gem, Baby Troll

My Entry: 4th Column (Top to Bottom)

Varrock Teleport
Mind Rune
Yin yang Amulet
Baby Troll
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17-Jul-2015 13:04:58



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1. Anchovy Pizza,__________, Green charm, Gold Ring

2. Fishing bait,__________,Ice cream, Jug of Water

3. White Toy Horsey , Wool, Bottle of Wine, Enchanted Gem

4. Varrock teleport, Mind Rune, Yin-yang amulet, Baby Troll

And 4th one is my entry.

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This is for each vertical row going from top to bottom

1st Anchovy pizza , ?, Green charm, Gold Ring

2nd Fishing bait, The El Astado mask, Ice cream, Jug of Water

3rd Toy Horsey (White), Wool, Bottle of Wine, Enchanted Gem

4th Varrock teleport, Mind rune , Yin-yang amulet, Baby Troll

I think I got all of them right apart from that green/grey one but ill choose my 3rd to enter, I hope I win :) !
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17-Jul-2015 14:24:32

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4th row top to bottom.

Varrock teleport. Mind Rune. Yin-yang amulet. Baby Troll.

I have a bad head now looking at them. :P The only 1 I've managed to finish. Might add more later. ^_^
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