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Dear jagex I have been staking for a long time please do not misconscept my large amounts towards other accounts in world 54 I am not real world trading I am simply staking on my friends . please reconsider your ban on my account because I recently made 11b staking and I was happy until today I logged in and I'm banned, i had no intention to rwt it. Thank you for your time reading this letter and I really appreciate to reconsider the ban on my accounts bust and pacify.

07-Apr-2017 04:42:37

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@ Bustalt - This thread is only the announcement for the new Support Centre that opened last year. Neither this thread nor any of the the Forums may be used to appeal or protest account bans.

Please see the Account Bans article in the Support Centre, for more information.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

12-Apr-2017 03:25:28

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dear fellow players and j mods,

i wanted to check how long the ban still is on my old acc i started playing back in 2006 i think :p.
it said my ban is lifted? :O but i still can't log in??? acc is called Miniboarder

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