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Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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Hi guys, just a quick note. I've been successful in joining the Digital Marketing team here at Jagex HQ so after the 1st July 2016 I'll no longer be part of the Community Management team.

It's been a lot of fun getting to know the RuneScape community as much as I have. I can hopefully use the things that I have learnt in my new role.

I have made a thread in the Compliments forum for my FC and for those members of the community I've got to know so well during my time on the team.

Thanks for all your posts, it's been great getting to know you all and interacting with you. It's been great having a bit of banter with you and also doing the more important things. I know it doesn't seem like we do sometimes but the CM team do a really good job at communicating feedback onto the teams here at Jagex HQ, just because some things don't appear to have changed I assure you a lot of the steps have been taken to make sure we get a say earlier on in decisions that are made with updates and that's all thanks to you all sharing feedback constructively.

We've made so many positive changes internally and it will take time before they're shown externally but I do hope that it comes across in the future and you can get a better understanding of how much the team has progressed. Part of the Community Manager role has involved not only explaining things to you, the players, but we have to teach the teams about you - different types of players, different expectations, different reasons for playing the game etc... I have no doubt that each CM member when attending all the development meetings have asked "have you considered this?", "how will this affect iron man accounts?", "how will this affect this kind of player?"...

All I would say as a final note is I know it's difficult but try not to shoot the messenger. It's so easy to attack the J-Mod responding to you but please remember that a lot of the final decisions aren't necessarily made by us, we would have been told something and if we don't think it would be a good step from a player perspective we'd say... If we've said everything we could and made our points valid they'll take that on board and make changes accordingly, if they don't and have explained enough to the CM team for us to understand why something is being done and we can understand then we'll do our best to explain it to you. It is one of the reason we always ask for constructive criticism when you're unhappy so that when we communicate to our teams for anything in the future that may cause upset in the community we can explain it better. I'd like to also remind you that we are human, on the occasion where things aren't communicated to the team before it's too late please bear that in mind when they're replying to you. We don't do it to anger people, we don't do it to cause disruption in the community it just may have been something that we didn't think was a thing till it was.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to make sure I passed on before I go. Thank you so much for your support and interaction over the last 2 years, it's been a lot of fun.

- Mod Neena -
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24-Jun-2016 16:12:56

Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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I won’t lie, you’ll be missed in the CM team, you were so amazing in helping me adjust to the RuneScape CM team when I first joined and that is something I won’t forget, your dedication to helping out with the amazing Player Gallery as well as all the other stuff that you do will leave an empty space in our area.

I’m so glad you’re not leaving Jagex, that’s always a plus however I’m still sad you’re leaving the CM team but have no doubt you’ll do an incredible job when you start in Digital Marketing.

I think I can speak on behalf of players when I say that we’ll miss your impact in CM, you’re awesome. :)
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24-Jun-2016 16:13:51

Mod Jon

Mod Jon

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Have to agree with Shauny... We'll miss you lots in the Community team!

I'm thrilled however that you managed to get a job in the digital marketing team, so best of luck to you :)!
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24-Jun-2016 16:40:33

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Good luck on the new role Neena, I'm sure you'll flourish and be a great asset to that team :).
Like others have said we'll miss you on the CM front but you have to follow what you want afterall :).

All the best!
Most of all though thank you for your contribution.
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24-Jun-2016 16:48:41

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I wish you the best of luck for the future, Neena! Thank you for your contributions far and wide across CM over the last two years. :)

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24-Jun-2016 16:50:44

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