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Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Nitemare-Rex said:
they are probbaly telling the truth on this one as i know from my hl2rp days the saves would allow player so meany slots for items and so meany players could have slots. when the max is removed allowing players to have more it causes big bugs of players loosing items and needing to be refunded. this is a mess for a game of 30 peaople

now if JaGeX ups the bank limits they could be moving the limits out of where items and cash disapere and peaople end up needing refunds, in a game with 2000+ players per server thats a ton big of a mess much larger than refunds for 20-30 peaople

Yes you're right that this makes sense. But Jagex also keeps pumping new items into the game that we have little to no room for. Why? Does it make sense to keep adding new items without giving us space to hold them?

I also agree with Wildcat's suggestions. =)

14-Jan-2019 23:52:00

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