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Just Soar

Just Soar

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Well deserved ban, mad props to jagex for acting fast and precisely.

Not punishing behavior like this would put not just Jagex and Runescape into a bad light, but also us, its player base. And I as one don't tolerate such toxic behavior in any shape or form, nor would I want any association with it. So again, thank you for acting rightfully!

21-Jan-2019 19:24:21

Scythe Split
Sep Member 2011

Scythe Split

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Well deserved, I'm glad you guys removed him.
To all those people trying to defend him, saying it was a "joke" and she didn't hear anything.

Well, that youtube video in suicide forest laughing at a victim of suicide cost him his entire career. Why should this be any different? Stop defending such actions, I like dark humor as much as the next guy but there's a limit you don't cross.

21-Jan-2019 19:34:25 - Last edited on 21-Jan-2019 19:50:21 by Scythe Split

bear boye
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bear boye

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Saffy Taffy said:
no one is saying his comment was good/okay but to ban him over that is actually insane. he apologized everyone makes mistakes.

Apologizing wouldn't be much use if she had heard of this and reacted to it by harming/killing herself.

22-Jan-2019 00:24:15

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