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FiFi LaFeles
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Probably depends on context.

If I were to go into a thread discussing nuclear war and start rambling on about horses then it's highly likely my post would get hidden if it were reported in FH as being off topic, or derailing, to the thread.

Whilst it's fine to talk about horses, it wouldn't be appropriate for that thread and I should really start a new one .... on the topic of horses.

However, if I go into a thread where people are, say, posting pictures of their pets and don't post a picture of mine but make a (non-offensive) post about someone else's pet .... strictly speaking it's slightly off topic because I'm not posting a picture but as it's within the looser context of the thread I doubt anyone would complain about it and I doubt an FMod would action any such complaint. My written comment would be very strongly related to the topic of the thread.

In any event, I have a baaaaad feeling about this .........
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Molly Weazly
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Dong U Dead said:
If a post/s is not hidden does this mean the content of the post is okay to discuss?

We take post/s to FH because of what we believe to be off topic and post/s have not been hidden, does that deem the post/s is ok to discuss?

I would think so. Of course, it could be eventually hidden because of delayed response by the forum team. Then your posts could be hidden as well. So I would give it some time before responding and even then knowing the posts might be shut down.

16-Dec-2018 03:00:04

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There's no way to enumerate what constitutes off topic posts or thread de-railment given that it all depends on context and each situation treated as unique.
has provided good examples of exactly why there's no blanket answer in the rules.

To answer your question honestly though, no, just because a post isn't hidden doesn't necessarily mean it's a green light for anything. This is a (very) rough list of possible states for a visible, not hidden post: It either hasn't been seen and so no action is taken, has been seen and no action was taken as it was determined to not (yet) be an issue, has been seen and there's no issue at all until someone else comes along and makes it an issue, or has been seen and there may be no issue discussing it.

A post about toast in a thread about bread might not necessarily be off topic, but say you want to talk about how light or dark you like your toast or your favorite brand of toaster after that... you're likely sliding off topic and de-railing the thread. That is, depending on the nature of the previous posts and the progression of the discussion, the intent of the topic, and your intentions in posting about other (even if similar) information.

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