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Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Draco Burnz said:
Rev The Wiz said:
It really should *not be too difficult for users to comprehend which section to post for 'Old School' related content, especially when they're labeled sections .... All they have to do, is just scroll down a little more.


Plus i dont think even doing this would help anything considering theres some ppl who just do this for the lols.

Well, Draco is right that some do this to antagonize RS3 players, but I really think most peeps just look for the first thing that pops up.

This isn't new. The forums have had other subsections they removed or moved because people were posting in the wrong place.

They just made a forum shuffle and still got it wrong. Sigh.

12-Dec-2018 04:11:13

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