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Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Jack Flac said:
Jeremy Cheng said:
Just make an osrs rants forum where the osrs forums are currently located on the list and lock all osrs rants in the rs3 rants to encourage ppl to post their osrs rants in the osrs rants forum.
No thanks. I get that you have a hate boner for OSRS, but that doesn't mean you have to constantly flaunt it.

Rants exists for all things Runescape, whether it be RS3, OSRS, Classic, Darkscape, Chroinicle, the website. Always has.

You're right Jack. (ps: hope you're feeling good)

But it does get confusing when you're trying to understand people's problem and give them advice. I have previously said Old School's forums should be on top. They have the bigger population and shouldn't have to search for where to post.
Still, having OS and RS3 combined forums is tricky. I don't like the division between us, but the game issues are different and need different solutions.

Sure you can come rant no matter which version you play. But unlike a lot of other forumers, I think Rants has had and will always have a specific use to inform Jagex of problematic issues with the game. Course, they (Jagex) won't sift through the stoopid comments to find real issues, especially on the RSOF but I refuse to relinquish my Rants forum love. <3

If you do come to Rants, and want specific advice you do need to specify whether you're talking about OS or RS3, cuz seriously we don't know otherwise how to help. And we're still your friends and playmates even if we prefer a different version.

So let's help each other in any way we can. It would be nice if we could just start accepting each other instead of constantly going for each other's throats.

Like a famous forumer who I love like a brother always says:

Much love. <3

12-Dec-2018 03:46:30

Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Immortalized said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Nope. The Rant forum is not a waste bin. It is more like a tree hole for those who don't get what they try to say accepted by other people, e.g. the Authorities.

When your post get moved to Rant, it only means your post is not constructive and doesn't belong in any Feedback forums.

well i have a constructive thread that was moved there so i disagree

This does happen quite regularly. Not to me, I have never had a thread moved to Rants. But I have seen threads that are complaining about an update, bug whatever moved to Rants when it was also giving constructive feedback. But I do read Rants regularly as I have done since I started reading the forums, so I can see the difference.

16-Dec-2018 03:53:46

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