Loyalty Point bug?

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Nov Member 2019


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I don't seem to be receiving my loyalty reward points properly, haven't been receiving them monthly and I bought the one year premier club package and didn't receive them. Anyone else having problems?

24-Feb-2018 17:03:52

Mar Member 2009


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Hi there,

You can go to Solomon's general store and go to "my account" on the top right to check your consecutive membership, cumulative membership, and your next payout. Otherwise you could try going to this link here. I hope this helps. :)

24-Feb-2018 20:23:41

Dec Member 2019


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So I paid for 3 months and managed to get 12500 points, so I was expecting the 3rd lot of points to be 10000 (which it would be) and I paid for subscription just the other day on the 1st, but I received no points what so ever and from what I've read if I buy more membership now, I will get the points instantly? this leaves me confused as to why I got no points in the 3rd month.

05-Mar-2018 23:58:36

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