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You know what...Support.:)
Would like it with a magical effect when you switch between legs and mermaid tail. Something like the mahjaarat outfit switch, but for merpeople.:P

Edit: If Jagex release underwater city - or - boss, this would be perfect to release along side it.:)

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Ooh, sounds nice. Support~
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Question: how would the tail... work, exactly? The typical mermaid has fins from the waist down, and that would require both the use of the legs and feet slots. One without the other would look incredibly silly, as would being able to wear the fins while using any walk animation other than the mermaid one. Sure, you could have the tail drape off the waist in the cap slot like the Wolf set does (or the "mounts" do) so that you can use your human legs, but that's not ideal either.

06-Jul-2019 08:01:22

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