Re-Release "Western's Crew"

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Recently, we saw the re-release of the Shadow outfits on the Solomon's General Store, which was great to see as I think many people had been waiting for the opportunity to own those outfits once again.

That being said, I think it would be amazing to see the re-release of the Western's Crew outfit, as it has some very key elements to fashionscape :P and honestly is just one of the best looking outfits ever released on solomon's general store.

The outfit was introduced during the launch of player owned ports and was available for loyalty points, but was later removed. I don't know why they removed it but I think a large quantity of players would be very happy to see this outfit return!

Thanks! :) ^_^
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05-Sep-2017 22:09:15



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Personally, I'm all in favor of it. I'm even in favor of it being only available for a short time each year or something, or in conjunction with sea or ports-themed updates. Maybe Solomon's could have a special 'Seasonal' section, rotating outfits with the seasons or something like that.

03-Oct-2017 19:27:38

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