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I would be thrilled for another method of obtaining the Pirate gear from the "Talk like a Pirate" or "Deathbeard's Demise" Events.


04-Aug-2019 09:42:40

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I hope they put long hair in for men and women and let us as the ones wearing
them decide if cropping is acceptable with some outfits or not.

They could always note in the SGS store that it may crop with some
outfits and if you use them with any outfit that crops Jagex has already
told you this might happen.

I also want to say i like the way oddments are used now. People can chose
to get the outfits or not. I think its great way to implement older outfits
back into game.
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08-Aug-2019 11:36:35

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would it be possible to update the female musketeer hat to make the in game model look like what it shows on your chat head with npcs… the in game version has a flat brim all around and long hair in the back but the chat head model has long hair all around her sides and back of her head and the brim on one side is flipped upward. if someone could do that, that would be awesome. please and thank you ProtonNickS*

22-Dec-2019 23:55:15

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Cloning dye, would work like prismatic dye where you click an available cloning dye slot, then click anywhere on your character's current outfit in the preview window and the dye becomes that color. This would be a good idea because there are a lot of non-recolorable outfits with obscure color blends that are very hard to match even with prismatic dye (Looking at you Radiant Dawn armor with your blue/purple/grey arms and legs). This dye would make those non recolorable outfit pieces easier to incorporate into fashionscape outfits that have recolorable parts.

24-Dec-2019 07:18:21

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