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now that agility is getting another (hopefully good) mini-game i am hoping that runecrafting is next to get some love. i honestly have no good ideas for runecrafting, the runespan was ok. but i felt like it made runecrafting a bit too easy.

here are some random ideas for a rc minigame. (if jagex uses them i want a 99% cut :) ).

i was thinking the backstory it could be some kind of rift to a different realm that slowy expands releasing elementals into the world.
i think that it could have similar mechanics to the wintertodt where you have to harvest rune essence and create it into whatever the rift is currently weak to (indicated by its colour). I haven't decided yet whether the rift will randomly damage you, or spawn in different elemental enemies that you can kill by using rune essence on (that's how you get the different runes).

i dunno this probably sounds like weird fan fiction that some strange person wrote at 1.30am
.... anyway i've got to go to bed its 1.30am, cya.

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All suggestions are welcome and no suggestion is too crazy or unloved. It's a fascinating idea you have presented. I believe the mods did talk about possibly a similar minigame to the Great Orb Project. However, of course this will need to be polled and alternative ideas were welcomed.

I think the reason Agility is getting attention is not so much because the skill needs to be improved via xp/hr. The proposed content will just create a new alternative way to train agility which for the existence of the game has been running continuous laps over and over again.

ZMI, and Blood/Soul runecrafting did create alternative methods to train runecrafting then just running back and forward from an alter getting the one type of rune. Getting to your idea again, I think that some sort of minigame would be welcomed, providing that is gives incentives that are both repeatable and rewarding.

Looking forward to more of your ideas.
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Runecrafting is fine the way it is. Changing xp rates or new content that over passes the old content would be kicking all the players in the face that have trained it. I personally am closing in on 98 rc and would hate for there to be a new method after having spent all this time rc. You have lava runes if you don't want to craft bloods/souls :)

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