I cant get a Seal of passage

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Zerk 0n Face
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Zerk 0n Face

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I started The Fremennik Exiles Quest, but I found out I need the Seal of Passage... but Brundt the Chieftain won't give me one as im already exiled...
What do I do? how do I get a new seal?

Please help

12-Oct-2019 03:49:19

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12-Oct-2019 04:08:16

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I have never heard about this quest. Is this an OSRS thing? If so, you posted in the wrong forum. This is the RS3 General forum. OS forums are further down the page. Creator of the quarterly M.U.P.A.Q. and I.B.A.T.A.W.A.T. Awards™ and writer of the
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12-Oct-2019 10:22:19

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I am not too sure what yo should do. However, you can report this in game as a bug that needs to be fixed.

Further note, If a player has completed the Fremennik Elite Diaries you don't need to acquire a seal of passage.

Hope this helps :)
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13-Oct-2019 12:16:28

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