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Hi, I'm very curious if my issue may be a bug.

Some time last year I blocked black demons as a slayer task and then maybe a month later removed black demons from the block list. Ever since then I have not been able to get a single black demon task from either Steve or Duradel. I'm roughly around 70-80 slayer tasks dry of black demons.

Anyone else having similar problems?

24-May-2020 18:41:59

Mar Member 2020


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Highly unlikely that it would be a bug though, you just gotta keep trying :)

Nieve/Steve has the highest probability of assigning you a black demon task, and as such I'd reckon you getting your tasks assigned from them to increase your likelihood of getting a black demon task
You cannot reason people out of positions they never reasoned themselves into ;)

25-May-2020 14:59:07

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