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0join Emo

0join Emo

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Who else here thinks that some of the former Old School Runescape Jagex Moderators still come on the OSRS Forums every once and awhile and read our threads? I bet some of them miss working on the OSRS Jmod team sometimes. I miss Mod Mat K. :(

27-Sep-2019 17:54:39 - Last edited on 27-Sep-2019 17:55:28 by 0join Emo

Iron Ravi

Iron Ravi

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0join Emo said:
In my opinion, Mod Mat K was the Jmod with the best sense of humor. :)

Answer my question, nubnub.

Iron Ravi said:
Also, do you know what it's like working for Jagex? Like the work they do coding?
Ironman btw.

28-Sep-2019 02:28:29

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