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While I appreciate the good intent, the forums may not be used to name and shame other players. As such, I've hidden the two posts above.

The best course of action would be to send an in-game report under 'Scamming' and then add the scammers to your ignore list. For further advice on Scams and how to deal with them, please see the Scamming Prevention Guide in the Support Centre.

20-May-2020 09:00:14

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I've played runescape since before player houses were even around..once osrs came out I was SUPER excited because I wasn't attached to RS3. But I will say it makes me sad that scamming bots out number players by a long shot!

If you see any of them for sure report them! Other wise they'll keep scamming people and constantly spam the chat.

Don't fall for the (200m if you go to my youtube page, 100m drop party in wildy, doubling GP, player ran gambling) they almost ALWAYS have a at least level 30 and under saying "WOW THANKS!, WOW HE DOUBLED MY GP" They're always fake and its almost as bad as facebook scams going on right now.. If its to good to be true, it most likely is.
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Hi Jagex, recently there was an issue that occurred: I noticed that my Elysian Spirit Shield went missing. After noticing, I was panicking and thinking it might be in the Chambers of Xerics private storage unit or maybe some glitch happened at Inferno. However, these were not the cases. Upon pondering, I recalled the last time I saw my shield and that was when I was at the Grand Exchange. In short, there was a player at the GE spamming, "Buying XXX (high-valued item such as Twisted Bow or Elysian Spirit shield) for YYY (over-evaluation of item)." I knew it was too good to be true, but I wanted to entertain myself, so I traded him to just show the shield. Of course, he declined and said something along the lines of "PM XXXX my main account to do the transfer." That was the end of the interaction, I did not pursue trading the main or even interacting with the player any further. My only explanation for this event is that he somehow is able to exploit the game and steal the shield away from me even with a failed trade transaction. I am fairly certain that many other users have fallen victim to this new "hack". I've seen an increase in frequency of players that spam the same "buying XXX for YYY" line at the GE. There is a suspicious pattern here and it warrants investigation. If this is in fact a true "hack", then this could be game-breaking. Please let me know the best course of action, Jagex. I have attached a screenshot of these suspicious players with the RSNs cropped out. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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