Ability to make jugs

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bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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Currently in game there is no way to make a jug as seen here

players can only buy or find them

I propose that players be able to make jugs with soft clay at a certain crafting level, so there's not always a need for stores, also it's nice to make things yourself and gives pottery some more use

03-Aug-2019 17:00:59

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Ha! Made me laugh that this is a thread because it's such a niche want but good on you for spotting this. I had never thought about it and bet most haven't!

You're right it's a bit strange we don't have the opportunity but if we've made it 19 years without being able to make them then I think we'll be okay. Unless of course we end up being able to use jugs to make more drinks in the future, then it may be neccesary.

04-Aug-2019 19:12:24

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