Smithing and/or Runecrafting

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I dare to say that I speak for most of the players when I say that smithing and runecrafting, especially runecrafting is a true pain to level to 99. And with smithing the rewards for having a higher level are really lacking.

I'm not suggesting to change to whole skill but to add alternative methodes for training them and also add more benefits to leveling these skills.

I'm sure some of you have already come up with great ideas for improving smithing and/or runecrafting. Why not share them here and upvote the best ideas. Maybe the devs will have a look at it. (you never know, keep dreaming!)
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18-Jul-2019 18:07:48

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Smithing is already very fast to train.

Runecrafting is already balanced well enough. Do the grind at ZMI to 77, and then Zeah RC isn't that bad.

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19-Jul-2019 03:35:03

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Both are buyables. Both are very fast to train. Both don't need more methods added.

Smithing is ~400k xp/hour
Runecraft is 240k xp/hour.

Fine as they are.
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19-Jul-2019 10:49:09

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