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Grote Oceaan

Grote Oceaan

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I agree with higher requirements, but they also shouldn't be too high.
It's also important to realise that high requirements don't automatically mean that those persons know what the subject is about. That's just an assumption.
I don't think it's a good idea to require a certain object as a requirement, especially something that requires combat skills. People who prefer skilling should still be able to vote.

My proposal would be:
Total level: 1000+
Quest points: 125+

Other ideas:
Require a certain amount of hours online in the last month
Require 2 or more months of membership in a row
Require a certain minimum skill level (e.g. 40 runecrafting, a lot of alts don't have 40 runecrafting if i'm right)
Only allow 1 vote per device (if there is somehow a way to enforce this technically)

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