Sick of Graceful?

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Is anyone else sick of wearing Graceful?

Graceful equipment is sought by many players for the 30% boost to run energy restoration. However, swapping out a single piece loses the set effect. With so many people wearing the same outfit, it wears out the appeal (even after changing house colors). What if you could achieve the restoration effect without wearing the outfit?

My suggestion is a quest given by Grace (or maybe by her dog Mark, and introduce a dog speak amulet so I can finally console that abused dog in Varrock) that would give you a permanent passive boost to run energy restoration (maybe slightly less than when wearing the graceful outfit, like 20-25% instead of 30%). This would not include the weight reducing effect of the outfit, otherwise the outfit would become obsolete. I’ve been wearing graceful for so long that taking it off actually feels like a disadvantage to my character.

Similar to the passive boosts from the achievement diaries (10% enchanted bolt effect, 5% Catherby herb output, etc) I think this would be a useful addition to the game and would free up many of the graceful “clones” to their favorite fashionscape. What do you all think?

17-Jul-2019 16:42:38



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I don't really have an issue with being required to actually wear armour/clothing in order to get the benefit from it. Should we be able to get high magic/melee/ranged attack and defence bonuses without wearing the appropriate equipment?

17-Jul-2019 16:51:16

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Why not just make it so you get the bonuses from wearing every single armour in the game without wearing it? That would be nice. While at it, a teleport to every single location would be nice as well. Moving around is starting to get so boring.
Better than Hocky

17-Jul-2019 17:52:48

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