When the gods die, what do?

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Lord Bhaal said:
Well, you have the Bandos faction as proof for that.

It would've been better if Armadyl was killed instead of Bandos, Bandos at the very least has a huge amount of following in goblins and other such races, while Armadyl has basically none.

I rather enjoyed having a brutish war god around to spice things up.

But I'm talking besides the point, the followers tend to go by their god's teaching, wether they be alive or not.

Considering how bad Bandos lost, not many people agree with you.

26-Dec-2016 09:05:56

Ancient Drew

Ancient Drew

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@ Lord Bhaal
There will be someone to take over, even if the Bandosian faction has splintered. If they manage to unite them all and become what I like to call the 'true Chosen Commander', they will be a force to be reckoned with.

That said though, there are always conflicts due to his philosophy of might is right. I think one of his people, maybe an ogre shaman because they have shown themselves to be very powerful indeed and pretty smart (look at Grunsh in the Red Axe quest series and the ogres 1-hitting the blue dragons in that cave in Gu'Tanoth), and they even dabbled in summoning. Some ogres, like Rantz, dabble in archery, though forgive me for mentioning Rantz as he can't hit a barn door with a banjo let alone shoot a jubbly bird.

What the Bandosians really need is someone strong enough to take out armies by themselves, and the charisma to appeal to them and lead them all to one epic battle against every other faction. Sliske's Endgame was the perfect opportunity for this, and Jagex should have capitalised imo. And this is also something an ogre shaman could potentially do.
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26-Dec-2016 09:36:11

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Jack Flac said:
The Young Gods seem to forget that they were once mortals themselves

Zamorak never really was that mortal as the others.
I do not ship ZamorakxZaros.
I follow them. And Marimbo, the best t5 god.

28-Dec-2016 12:41:48

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