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We know the elder gods as ancient beings that created the universe itself. After sucking the anima out of the world they are currently on, just for poops and giggles they blow the rest of the universe up so they can make a new one. And The Great Revision will likely come any time now. Thanks a lot Xenia -_-. There are multiple theories on how to stop it. the most prominent being "Oh Zaros will save the day". But despite being a Zarosian myself, I see more than a few flaws in his plan. Put yourself in the elder gods' shoes for a moment. A random stranger you never met before comes up to you and says he's the son of your retard sister. And then he says "Hey I like this universe so please don't eat it, sure you'll die but that's cool right?". What would you do?
Option A- Do what he says

But there are a few more logical way of surviving The Great Revision. Emphasis on surviving. Even the greatest lore hound knows when she's at a writers block, and until more evidence comes up she can only guess and make a fool out of herself. So to all of you who say "That's one dead four to go", Mah was a vegetable, if an attack that basic would work against all the elder gods then the Dragonkin would be free by now. IDEA SCRAPPED.
Speaking of lovable voice killing Dragonkin (#Rainyscape) they survived the last Revision. Well, kind of. They hid in the abyss, so what's to stop us from doing the same? Of course then it'd really be a pk'er hotspot.
Guthix's idea also would've worked. keep the flow of anima steady so the elder gods would stay in their billion year nap. So all of you who are all, "Bring on the 2nd god wars!" , if that does happen, then the plan Guthix had is straight out the window.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Lore Theories, if you have any lore related questions or suggestions on what I should do next you can PM me. No spam though or you will be ignore listed. Next episode will be next Thursday December 15th.

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