The Prisoner of Daemonheim

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I sincerely doubt Xau-Tak was originally intended to have anything to do with Daemonheim, but Jagex have already retconned Daemonheim so many times already, it wouldn't be surprising for them to do so again. I also doubt Kranon has anything to do with Daemonheim, since they're likely to be the final boss of the third Elite Dungeon, which is seemingly near Ulthven Kreath, which is where they are seen during Crassian Allegience. Also, Seiryu was corrupted a long time ago, meaning Kranon hasn't only become active recently.

Also, keep in mind that we actually know what was at the bottom of Daemonheim: The Rift, a weakness between dimensions. We also know that Zamorak was actually really on the other side of it, and that judging by his dialogue, Zamorak was at least influencing Bilrach during Nadir (although Nadir and Daemonheim in general is such a mess of unexplained and forgotten plot points it's hard to tell). But it's possible other forces like Xau-Tak were also trying to claw their way through, like it did in Ulthven Kreath.

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I noticed this when Ports 3 was released, and immediately thought of Xau-Tak (although we did not actually know the name "Xau-Tak" at the time), but dismissed it as a reference to the ritual marker. After Pieces of Hate, I'm wondering if they did actually mean kreath takla...
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