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Was doing the new case today and noticed Apothecary mentioning that the robber spoke the word "Vosk." In case you don't know this is a word from the Dragonkin language. Its been shown that Sakirth will appear in Kindred Spirits, and that Robber in the Darkness is required currently for it.

The description matches up, the talons, the scorched mark. Now what about the light being sucked out of the room? Sliske. What if Sliske has captured Sakirth and is using him to gather several items from him, but does not want to stir up too much trouble if Sakirth goes barging in and killing everyone, so is giving him the ability to create darkness in the area he is in. A dragonkin can travel to other planes, which would explain why Gypsy Aris couldn't feel connections with the stolen crystal ball.

So what could Sakirth be gathering these objects for?
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