Rise of the Goblins?

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So recently there was a hidden update to the goblin quest line. It includes a lot of hints that the goblins are building a strong army and are preparing to become RuneScapes next super power. If you haven't already go and make an alt account and replay the quest line and tell me your thoughts! RS Warring League

12-Nov-2016 22:20:15

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Could you give a few examples of what you mean? Wake me up when Osborne resigns | Will not be renewing membership until Jagex deals with its toxic developer culture & has a new, better lead designer | *Soon TM” is not a fun joke, it is an admission the company is an embarrassment

12-Nov-2016 22:47:31



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Yeah I can't really afford to do that/I don't want to do that and I'm sure a lot of others don't either, so could you just state some in-depth examples? Brassica X Marimbo OTP

13-Nov-2016 02:01:34

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Yeah, this is definitely fake. Or OP is mistaken, at the least. Jagex wouldn't update non-replayable quests just to add teasers. Plus I did the first two quests a few weeks ago and they were unchanged...

The Bandosian faction is kill anyway, Goblins except for Grubfoot are irrelevant.
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13-Nov-2016 09:13:02



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FuryPebbles said:
hope so. Bandos quest line need a huge update. its dead as gamer's grotto

Bandos is dead so is his questline. And Armadyls line is deader lol. But I think this is a troll.
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