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We know the tiny mahjarrat as cute little bobblehead pets. but i beileve they may have a much darker origin. This theory stems back to the horror movie cliche of dolls being possesed by the souls of the dead. someone dies tragically and their mortal soul is contained into a nearby doll or toy.

Think back to Ritual of the mahjarrat. Lucien was so OP he was nearly a god. and yet the dragonkin still killed him. thats most likely where tiny Lucien came from.

And my personal fav tiny Zemo. Big Zemo created his tiny counterpart himself, so there's no way his soul could be inside Tiny Zemo. Sorry Harry Potter fans, no horcruxes in Runescape. But not only did Zemouregal kill an ressurect all of varrock, he has the heads of each of the Signature Heroes mounted on his wall. So plenty of room for soul candidates. And his expertise with necromancy adds to my point.

Now for the new addition to the family, Tiny Kharshai. Geez i thought Lord of Vampyrium's ending was dark. Seren had to kill her own mom because her brother turned her into a vegetable. that must have been rough girl. so if Mah'ls soul isnt inside Tiny Kharshai i dont know who's is. explains why the little guy cant talk.

here's the head scratcher, Tiny Hazeel. nobody died in Hazeel Cult or Dishonor Among Theives, exept for some wights and a dog. but then i remembered, i chose tghe help Hazeel route and he came out weak and skeletal. but there's one thing that doesnt fit here. He was in a state of torpor, which means he was frozen in time. And if thats that case shouldnt he be in his rejuvinated form? or atleast the same power level as he was before? Usually yes. but what if something was draining his power? you got it. Tiny hazeel was the one sapping his power while Hazeel was taking his age long catnap.

~Sorry about the lack of posts over the last couple months, I had stuff to do. Im restarting the show and next episode will be next thursday

-Lady Icyene

01-Dec-2016 18:48:41

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