Hidden Guardians of Guthix?

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Is it possible that there are Guardians of Guthix that weren't at Guthix' Chambers during the World Wakes, that we have no idea about? In this thread, I will be discussing two of the candidates that I feel are the most likely to be "hidden" Guardians of Guthix, and what roles they play.

(This is a short companion theory to my other thread about the Land of Holly and Hawthorn. QFC= 341-342-585-65781193)

So, first things first: What makes a
Guardian of Guthix
? Well, there are a two major things:
1.) It must be a creature that wasnít created by Guthix. (This would exclude the Balance Elemental from being in the running to be a Guardian, unfortunately.)
2.) They must hold some sort of importance to Guthixian philosophy. (He picked these creatures out specifically for some reason.)

Another thing to make note of, according to Mod Osborne, there are as many Guardians are there are upright stones in a Druidís Circle. This would bring the total up to 8 Guardians. This information will be important later.

Now that we have the basis for a Guardian of Guthix defined, is it even possible that there are more Guardians than who we met during the World Wakes? The answer is absolutely, and we've already met one of them. Ocellus was granted the title and power of a Guardian sometime during the God Wars, however, he was never given an official task. Without going into his backstory too much, he essentially turned into a recluse who tried to stop humans from worshiping Gods, going as far as trying to create a new strain of humans to do so. This work made the other Guardians unsettled, so they didn't invite him to help defend Guthix.

While the Guardians had a good reason to do this, it brings up the point: Are there more that didn't get invited? Because they were exiled? Or they had more important tasks to do? The answer, I believe, is yes. And we have already met them.

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The Queen of Sunrise
The Queen of Snow
are, as we know, two sides of the same seasonal coin. While we have only met the Queen of Sunrise once, we have enough evidence between that one encounter and all of the encounters with the Queen of Snow to make the logical assumption that, yes, they are both Guardians of Guthix.

Think about their roles for a moment. They both bring forth a new season to the world of Gielinor, and they guard over the Season Tree. These are very important tasks that affect the entirety of Gielinor (although, from a player standpoint we donít typically see this unfortunately). Now, think about the roles of the other Guardians. Juna guards the Tears of Guthix, Death is the watchman of life and death, and Fiara is the guardian of the Fist of Guthix site. All very important, and guarding over the seasons seems like an equally important job as well.

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So, just to clarify, itís been confirmed in-game that The Land of Snow was created by Guthix:

ďThe Land of Snow was created aeons ago by Guthix, as part of his balancing of the world. The coldness of this place counteracts the heat of the great deserts and volcanoes of others, ensuring the correct balance of hot and cold.Ē
ĖQueen of Snow

We know from information given during the 2011 Easter quest that the Land of Sunrise is connected to the Land of Snow, and where the Lands meet is called the Land of Holly and Hawthorn. Logically, if Guthix created the Land of Snow, then he also created the other two lands as well.

The fact that he created these lands doesnít disqualify the two Queens from being candidates for Guardian spots. Actually, it cements this fact even more so. We know that Guardians are creatures that are tasked with guarding over something that either Guthix found worth guarding, or something that he created. (An example of this would be the Valluta and the portal to the Void, which Guthix made by cutting too deeply with the Elder Sword.) So to me, it seems likely that he found intelligent creatures of Ice and Sunlight/Fire to watch over this area, or he did what he did to Ocellus and granted two members of lower intelligence some sentience so they could perform the tasks he needed done.

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Now on to what the two Queens are protecting, which this will be a lot of speculation on my part.

We can gather that they guard the seasons, to constantly keep a balance (as requested by Guthix). Now how exactly do they control these seasons, why can** just anybody do this? And what is the Season Tree and The Year, and why do they relate to each other?

1.) The Season Tree is similar to the Heart of Gielinor, just a massive Anima power house that somehow has sway over Gielinorís seasons. In this theory, The Year is just a symbolic wand that *transfersĒ who influences the Season Tree during that time of year.

This theory is actually pretty plausible, but it really depends on how much lore focus the Jagax team wants to put on a possibly one-off holiday area. They could easily claim that Guthix found this large Anima source, used it to create the Land of Snow/Sunrise/Holly and Hawthorn, and then wired it to affect Gielinorís seasons.

2.) The Year is one of the 12 Elder Artifacts, one that has control over the weather of a plane. This would strip the symbolic nature from The Year, making it something that could be hotly contested over in future content.

As I said, where number one lays on the light-hearted end of the lore spectrum, this would actually make these characters and this item something very important in future content. And while we have no proof that Guthix had such an artifact, itís entirely possible that he found it shortly after he arrived at Gielinor, created the Land of Snow/Sunrise/H&H, and then left The Year there for safe keeping. This could be an easy explanation on why The Year never appeared in any history books or mentioned throughout time like the Stone of Jas.

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3.) A combination of both of these theories.

It could be that The Year is an Elder Artifact, and the Tree of Seasons is a powerhouse of Anima. Or, by that logic, it could just be a regular stick and a large tree, and the Queens are doing all of the work. Itís very up in the air, considering we have such little information to speculate off of.


So, a final note to wrap this up with. As previously mentioned, there are apparently 8 Guardians of Guthix. We know of 6 of them (Death, Valluta, Ocellus, Fiara, Juna, and Cres). Naturally, this isnít including the World Guardian, as they just recently became a Guardian, and the 8 number came from Osborne nearly 3 years ago. This leaves two empty spots, which is curious, because that fills up nicely with the Queen of Snow and the Queen of Sunrise.

Should anymore lore be released on these characters, I think it would be very easy to fit their backstory in with being Guardians of Guthix, considering they already have closely related and canon ties with Guthix.

So, thatís all. What does the lore community think? Am I completely off here, or am I on to something?

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I remember at one point Mod Mark or Mod Osborne VERY strongly hinted that Skaldrun was a Guardian of Guthix, but I think they've since backpedaled on that.

You make some interesting points, but the holiday events occupy such a contentious place in lore, it's hard for me to believe that these figures would occupy such a significant role.

That said, they're introducing a whole new Artefact in a spinoff game that isn't even made by Jagex, so I guess anything is possible.

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Rondstat said:

Mhm, it would be interesting to see more information about Skaldrun.

I know that there was also another Guardian that was talked about in a lore podcast about Guthix, that was basically a giant living prison. I'm pretty sure they backed out of that one as well though. So, if we are going off speculation, it makes sense that the two Queens could be in the running to be the final two Guardians. =p

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I'm surprised no one has gone after any of the GoGs now that Guthix has gone. A few at least, guard things of interest. And not one GoG worried about Death going missing, so it's open season. *Elmer Fudd voice* GoG hunting season! The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
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I think the Dungeoneering Smuggler is an extremely likely candidate. We know he's got a connection to Guthix (strange token), powers that no ordinary human should have (Surviving at the bottom of Daemonheim, "unbreaking" Marmaros's arms), and was kicked out of some organisation in which he was an acolyte by his "brothers and sisters" (letter to an acolyte).

Sadly the Sixth Age pretty much killed any chances of Floor 61 happening (with Dishonour among Thieves being the final nail in the coffin). So the Smuggler's probably going to be one of those plot strands that are never resolved, now that the storyline it's connected to was canned.
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Does the Balance Elemental count?
Each Guardian of Guthix was presented with a very specific task. Juna to guard the Tears, Cres to guard Guthix's chambers, Death to bring souls to the Underworld, etc.
What if the Balance Elemental was the 7th Guardian of Guthix, and his specifically assigned task was to protect the Stone of Jas?
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