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Sepulchre said:
In the 5th Age: Adventurer's superior (though sometimes forgotten by Jagex) skills.

6th Age: World Guardian powers can explain anything! :D
And 4th Age and before: Guthix's favourite dimension wrecking device, the Amserdrwys.
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I think we might be far enough along with Divination and such that we can take it a step further. What we need right now could be new villains, using the skills they have learned from Divination and such in new and twisted was. And I am talking abut the ability an manipulate Anima, wherever it is, in a similar way to how mages would use magic. Of course the problem being that magic may not be of any help defending against it in its present state. In fact hybrid armour might be the only option in that case, or it could they finaly discover the source of "typeless" attacks..

Point being the 'bad guys' could show that the skill we've learned have been epically under utilised. Not that they would share. But I think they might make for some nasty customers.
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