Zaros the sociopath

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Angof Cywir

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A sociopath is someone who feels no remorse or shame.

This is exactly what Zaros is without a doubt after we found out from testimonial evidence that he knowingly tortured many creatures in his unethical conquest of creating new life.

The court brings to the stand the plaintiff:
the Fallen Nihil,
the product of one of Zaros' mad experiments on Freneskae!

This being was, and I quote from in-game text, "fused together through torture within the depths of Freneskae" and deemed nothing more than in insignificant failure to Zaros, left rejected on a cold planet to die, until he was saved and redeemed by said Queen of Ash. Now this Nihil has a burning vengeance to kill Zaros.

How could Zaros do this? Does he really care about mortals, even his own children? Sure, he was disappointed that he could not save the Dragonriders and what not, but his so-called feelings towards them can be interpreted in many ways. Was he really sad about them on a passionate level (like how we feel)? Or was it more on the static "tool level" or "chesspiece" kind of connection as to how he felt?

Zaros is not pro-life. He is a mad scientist who feels no remorse to beings that he openly tortures. I can see him openly performing eugenics and experimenting on humans and other races to get them to become "perfect." He even says his philosophy is all about self-improving, reaching one's highest potential, and to have mortals ascend to a master "perfect" race. In The Light Within, he says he wants to make the universe "perfect." Perfect. What does that even mean?!

"I merely wish to encourage individuals to reach their full potential. Mortal life fascinates me. It has such potential for growth; it is both fragile and resilient; and it reacts quickly to change. The current elder gods are stagnant and slow, and too fragile – Mah is proof enough of this." -Zaros, from fotg

Doesn't any of that scream crazy scientist vibes to anyone?
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