Zaros the sociopath

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We've known for ages now what he did to Nihils, where was your thread then?

Zaros is driven by logic, not emotion. It made no sense from his standpoint to care for or bother with this failed attempts at creating life on his own, yet this so called sociopath decided that one was worth his time, and gave it a fragment of himself to grant it proper sentient life.

We know her as Nex, a being the lesser gods fear, one Zaros has in his inner circle, and trusted as one of his highest generals.

People can't expect Zaros to be held by mortal, or better yet human emotions or reasoning, he's far beyond that, just like Seren claims what she and Guthix had was more than love. Mortal emotions and logic have mortal restrictions, you think a being like Zaros is so limited?

You claim he's Anti-Life when his entire philosophy that you claim is "Mad scientist" worthy, is actively to encourage mortals to reach their full potential, to not give into weakness. That's very caring, in his own way.
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