Drakan's Medalion+Blood Altar

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I think news of Draynor could have easily spread to Morytania without Drakan crossing the Salve. There are plenty of humans who make the journey (especially with the merc protocol), and we know from the Splinter Group's covenant that at least some of them have been supporting the vyres. Besides, Lowerniel and Vanescula are able to sense each other - we don't know how far or how strong this effect spreads. He may have been inherently able to sense his brother's death.

As for the blood pool - I don't think it's necessarily linked to the blood altar, or even haemalchemy. Fluids are simply better able to conduct magical energy. It is a magical font, but its creation may have been no more sinister than the creation of the Font of Champions.

12-May-2016 20:48:07

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