Drakan's Medalion+Blood Altar

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I'm going to chalk the blood pool recharging the Medallion up to Haemalchemy, which means it's blood that's been infused with the power of teleportation, being drawn to a few specific places of interest for Drakan.
The Laboratories were his own, Burgh de'rott was a common tithing ground (and where his haemalchemic blood was resting, to recharge the amulet), the Barrows were lands he leased to Sliske, Darkemeyer is, well, where he lived.. though I'm not 100% certain on the Myreque hideout, unless Vanescula knew more than she was letting on, and was able to tune it to the hideout afterall.

As for what he was doing outside Morytania.. visiting count Draynor Drakan is possible, though it's just a likely he was searching for "the Rock" that he wanted so badly. Maybe after he gave up on that, whether forcibly or by choice, he went back to haemalchemy for the answer to his problem.
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