what? how? why?

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I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This quest did not answer anything!!! When and how did zaros make a deal with armadyl? what is zammy gonna do on his end?? Apparently I missed a part and other people say zaros made a deal with sara too????

Then, why was vorago even there? What happened to the dragonkin? The stone of jas went boom and was never mentioned again?!

Wtf is zaros even doing anymore?? (i changed my emissary which I forgot about to godless now)

Is sliske inside us??? And will it take us another 8 months to find out what's up with that?
(Not to mention some people say he went to remonas (can't spell her name) body when we blacked out which makes me even more confused if that's true)
Why didn't nomad die in the first fight, more importantly, why didn't anybody else help?
Why was the scoreboard utterly worthless?

Why are the elder gods awake???
Why did jas' answers were so stupid?!!
Why was seren there with zaros and yet didn't say a word???
Why was sliske jas' agent in the first place?? And how the hell??
Queen of ashes??
Staff of armadyl??? Where did it come from, why was it there only at the end? (I assume the fight was for us while the cutscene was for story), but then...where is it now??? Do we have it??? Did we just leave it there???

These are the only answers I got out of the quest (they just raise another question):
1. elder gods are awake, but why?
2. The obvious answer as to what sliske did with nomad, but can we please confirm he is 100% canonically dead?
3. Sliske's master was Jas, but why?? and how???
4. Armadyl Hey, diversity, I still like him. Good on him

I also may have missed some stuff because THAT MAZE WAS F***ING STUPID

edit: all the barrows bros are there, linza is there, where's akrisea? rotm is a requirement after all sooo...forever forgotten

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In my playthrough, zaros had his chains on armadyl and armadyl succumbed
Watching another playthrough with a fully restored seren (mine didn't have neither elluned nor the dark shard in her) and she also had chains on armadyl?

So how?? what? when did?? what made the outcome differ?

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