what? how? why?

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Hguoh said:
Edzter said:
Why was sliske jas' agent in the first place?? And how the hell??

Why? Probably the same reason we are now her agent, to prove the worth of mortals. Sliske just had other plans. As for how, we don't really know. Given the similarities between his plan now and the result of the Zarosian Empire's collapse, which he played a part in, I'd guess that he's been working with Jas since way back then. Maybe he's how the stone got from Kethsi and into Zamorak's hands, and he became her agent then.

Suggestion: Perhaps Sliske's plan was to prove the worth of mortals by holding this contest. He wanted a fun time, and perhaps he figured he'd show whatever he found most fun to Jas as a reason to let mortals live.

On the other hand Sliske did say that he's lived for a long amount of time and that people are horribly boring, stagnant and self-destructive.

20-Dec-2016 21:41:15

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