Is Guthix alive?

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Hi we all know that Guthix died at hands of Sliske by useing an elder artifact, but i wonder can he return?

Guthix was a transcendent god same as Seren and Zaros. When Zaros died by Zamorak, his spirit returned to his home planet Freneskae and turned into a corporeal form. So i wonder if Guthix "Spirit" returned to Naragun and wanders aroud, waiting to be forgotten

21-Apr-2017 23:22:09

Maiden China

Maiden China

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Zaros and Guthix both had an ability to become incorporeal to save their lives in the event their body was... uh... seriously damaged
Zaros didn't want to die, so he used it, but Guthix did want to die so he didn't.

even if he could return, he wouldn't because that woud mess up the story

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Unfortunately he can never return, what is worse however is that he has no afterlife and will never again be reunited with Aagi. Upon his death the edicts came crashing down and the very energy of Guthix permeated the world creating things like the divination skill.

Guthix may be physically dead, however he does live on in a way, existing in nature all around us.
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22-Apr-2017 07:39:48

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Yes and no, as in The present time No, but in the past yes, there are beings that ignore time dimension and also what would happen if someone managed to bring Guthix from the past in The present time?

Short answer NO.

22-Apr-2017 09:00:24

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