Who Would Win?

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All four GWD generals
Round 1: Almost certainly Kril.
Round 2: Largely a stalemate, but Kril would outlive the others.

All four GWD armies
Round 1: We know how this is: Stalemate.
Round 2: Zamorak's army certainly seems the most powerful, but he'd equally be the most targeted. Bandos's army's continual side flipping would largely prevent them from claiming victory. I'd probably have to go with Saradomin's army due to the mind reading/control necklaces.

Kril vs Furies
Round 1: Furies
Round 2: Furies (Kril is likely the better general, given that he was chosen to lead Zamorak's army in the most significant power struggle at the time while the Furies were acting as his executioners, but the Furies are likely the better combatants)

Lucien vs Sliske
Round 1: Sliske (he's not exactly going to fight fair)
Round 2: Sliske (it would just be a repeat of RotM)

Drakans vs ROTS Barrows Bros
Round 1: Bros (they were able to threaten the Drakans and their armies so much so that it took Sliske's intervention to stop them)
Round 2: Bros
Round 3:Bros

Baxtorian vs Azzanadra
Round 1: Neither (Azzy would have the advantage, but they'd likely be crushed to death when they inevitably bring the cave down around them)
Round 2: Azzy (Baxtorian's magic is impressive, moving mountains, forming rives, etc... but I feel Azzy's direct combat magic gives him the edge in this case)

Zamorak vs Desert Pantheon
Round 1: Zamorak (unless armies and other gods are involved, in which case: stalemate)
Round 2: Zamorak
Round 3-4: replace Zammy with Sara in the previous 2

Zammy vs Saradomin
Round 1: Uncertain (Zammy's got the technique and strats, but Sara's got the power, and Zammy doesn't have the SIphon this time)
Round 2: Probably Zammy
Round 3: Neither (both would rather destroy the board than lose)

Icthlarin vs Mahjarrat
Round 1: Need I point out the Zarosian/Kharidian War? Mahjarrat
Round 2: Mahjarrat (Amascut would help them)

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Nomad vs Zemo
Round 1: Zemo tends to rely on his undead and other minions to supplement his combat skills. So in a 1v1, I have to hand it to Nomad
Round 2: Just Arrav, no Zemo? Nomad

Nex vs Azz*
Round 1: Probably Azzy (much of Nex's threat and presence came from the Legion she has, but she can't use it in this scenario)
Round 2: Again, probably Azzy (I said, Legion, not just the 4 mages)

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