Lore Theories: Why Not Sliske

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We know Sliske as the Mahjarrat that killed Guthix and one of the most troll-y characters in the game. It has been confirmed that despite everything he has not ascended to godhood. But why not is my question. Here are my reasons why i think he didnt ascend.
Sure he killed Guthix BUT he didnt stick around long. He showed up, zapped the Jolly Green Giant and left. He didnt even stick around until he actually died. And then there's the Elder Artifact thing, he has both The Staff of Armadyl and The Stone Of Jas in his possesion. But here's the thing. He's a false user, we learned that from Strisath during Missing Presumed Death. But i have a feeling Sliske learned from Lucien's mistake. I would too if I saw one of my kin who was so OP he could survive being hit by an almost 100k damage attack die by before my eyes. And we've only seen him use the Stone once. If you choose the help Zamorak route in Dishonor Among Theives you zapped Sliske and he teleported away with the Stone to heal himself.
And now there's the Staff. We know he's used it atleast three times, to find the Stone, to kill Guthix, and to try to steal our soul in Kindred Spirits. But you must remember that Lucien didnt let go of the staff for 9 years up until he died in 2011 when ROTM was released. And still not a god.

I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of Lore Theories. If you have any lore related questions or suggestions on what I should do next you can PM me. No spam though or you will be ignore listed. The next episode will be Thursday the 29th. I have stuff to do next Thursday :(
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