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Ancient Drew

Ancient Drew

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...that aren't in your faction? For example, if you follow a light god, what would be your dark god of choice, and vice versa? Or are there any gods that represent another side of you?

For me, I couldn't make a choice for my favourite light god as I like Armadyl and Seren, but Zaros was the best dark god for me hands down. I also agree with him when he says that all life falls on a spectrum and has capacity for both good and evil. But even then there are a few things I disagree with, such as extremes. I personally think there are a few extremes out there, and some reach to the extent that they end up on the other side of the spectrum.

Feel free to post. :)
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Saradomin and Zamorak. Both have sustained their respective coolness factors into the Sixth Age... everyone else is pretty terrible, I think.

Oh, I did like Bandos quite a bit before he was retconned into being a complete loser with no redeeming quality whatsoever.
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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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As a Zarosian I completely agree with Zaros and his goal of guiding the people to their full potential and protecting them.

Though I understand Guthix and Seren's ideals for people to be free to choose whichever they like.

Still, letting the masses be completely free of choosing their fates means there will still be people who want to war.
Without guidance, there will always be outliers who will disrupt peace.

Say, even if all Gods were to leave Gielinor right now, what exactly would stop new ones from discovering Gielinor and bringing people to their side?
Without a God to watch over, all the warring will just begin anew.

Ideally, yes I agree with Seren and Guthix's ideals for peace, it is just that it would not last.

I will say that I do fully agree with Armadyl too. He is still willing to fight to keep the peace and not leave the people unguarded.
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Roland Lyons
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Roland Lyons

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Outside of Saradomin then?

I consider Seren and Icthlarin allies. If Tumeken were to be rivived, anyone who killed Mahjarrat is definitely an ally.

Armadyl I'm tolerant of, though not fully trusting.
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31-May-2016 22:40:15

Chaos Lupus

Chaos Lupus

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I find Saradomin and Bandos to both be really interesting. Well...Bandos before they ****** him over anyway. Both have/had very vibrant personalities, interesting pasts, and intriguing outlooks.

Seren and Zaros are both pretty interesting as well, though I think less so than Zamorak and the other two I already mentioned. While they're both unique and I enjoy their characters, they're very extreme in that they're supposed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to emotion and logic. Not that I dislike that, I like the concept and don't wish for them to go changing it, but it's that differing combination of both qualities, created by culture and past experience, that gives the young gods personalities and beliefs that make them feel more three-dimensional.

Icthlarin has been handled well so far, as has Amascut. The former is one of the game's better protagonists, while the latter is one of the better antagonists in my opinion.

Guthix served his function well enough. I find his actions, or more accurately the things they caused, to be much more interesting than the rest of his character (a mopey hippie).

Most of the others haven't had enough development for me to care about them. I had high hopes for Armadyl, and maybe I'll enjoy him more in future content, but so far he's been extremely boring. He's just another peace-loving protector god whose only interesting characteristic is that he isn't very bright. I really wish they had played up the fact that he's the god of justice more than making peaceful cooperation his main priority. Ideally, they would have portrayed him as someone constantly struggling to find the line between due justice and a desire for revenge. It's very different from who he actually is, but he does have good reasons to desire revenge for the destruction of Forinthry, of which he could easily lay the blame at the feet of several different gods, which would create a more interesting dynamic in their relationships.
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Half Centaur
Jun Member 2010

Half Centaur

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I think Zamorak's got some good Ideas, but forcing on others- a religion of continuous struggle, can't be comfortably condoned by myself.

Zaros is... interesting... but untrustworthy.

Seren, meh, she doesn't really do much.

Brassica is best tho.
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01-Jun-2016 03:19:25

Ancient Drew

Ancient Drew

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Lego Miester said:
That's hard to say because I've sided with every god at least once now.

Except Marimbo. She's cool, I'd invite her to a party. But ultimately I had to favor the Lord of Cabbages that round for a vastly superior cape.
I sided with her in that time. For me, it was a choice between a cabbage that seemed pretty crazy (although cool in his own way and was friends with Seren and Guthix), and a monkey that liked partying. And I had to go with the monkey.
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01-Jun-2016 15:45:02

Apr Member 2013


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It is hard to determine which gods I like that aren't part of my faction. Mainly because I am in multiple factions.

Maybe Saradomin just for that beard.
I do not ship ZamorakxZaros.
I follow them. And Marimbo, the best t5 god.

01-Jun-2016 15:45:15

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