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Every god's philosophy has some solid argument to it. The problem is, my job is to protect Gielinor. Anybody who could be a threat to the world, to the people, to the peace, or even to nature itself is my enemy.
That means Zamorak is a potential enemy. Saradomin definitely, he's not as good as he lets on, trust me. What was the first thing he did after he got back? Oh yeah, big life-costly battle. Seren... Dark Lord. No further comments. Armadyl.. well I mean, not really? Zaros.. maybe, maybe not. He hasn't done anything yet, and his plan to wake the Elder Gods could go south, but they're a threat.. and nobody else has a better plan.. or a plan at all.

I like almost all the gods we know of right now (except Xau-Tak). I just feel like ultimately, I have to get rid of them.
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